Through the ages: A story of a new civilization


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Through the Ages is an epic civilization building game that has been masterfully adapted to iOS. Based on the popular board game of the same name, it retains all the depth and strategic complexity from the original while transforming it into a fully featured mobile experience.

The game spans thousands of years of human history as you guide your civilization from primitive nomads all the way to an advanced space-faring nation. You’ll have to make tough decisions about resource management, technological research, military conquests, and more. Along the way you’ll encounter famous historical leaders like Napoleon and Cleopatra that shake up the board.

The sheer scope of content in Through the Ages is staggering. There are hundreds of cards representing buildings, advancements, military units, wonders, events, and leaders. Combining these cards efficiently is key to victory. There are also numerous viable paths and strategies to success so the game offers tons of replayability.

The sheer scope of content in Through the Ages is staggering

Despite the intimidating amount of content, Through the Ages makes it easy to learn as you play. The tutorial walks you through each phase of a turn step-by-step. The UI uses subtle visual cues to indicate available actions and important info. You can undo moves as you learn the ropes. There’s strategic depth here for experienced gamers, but it remains approachable for new players.

Visually, the game looks great on iOS. The art style has an attractive antique impression that fits the historic theme. The playable leaders and wonders feature recognizable portraits and artwork. UI elements are cleanly designed and responsive. It runs smoothly even when the board is packed with cards and pieces.

The AI opponents provide stiff competition across multiple difficulty levels. Beating them requires effectively executing impactful card combos and long-term strategies. Local pass-and-play multiplayer is also supported so you can go head-to-head with friends. However, full online multiplayer is the only missing feature right now.


The game is played out over four epochs representing major stages of human history – Antiquity, Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Modern Times. Each epoch consists of several turns, and you score victory points at the end of each one based on your progress.

Every turn is divided into phases where you take various actions like collecting resources, building improvements, recruiting leaders, and more. Key resources include food, resources, science, and culture. You have to balance these carefully as your civilization grows.

On your turn, you can play cards from your hand as well as activate your leaders and special abilities. The card combos and engine building are really the heart of the game. Choosing which buildings and advancements synergize together is crucial to maximize their effects.

Military strength also factors in both offensively and defensively. Some cards represent military units you can recruit using food and resources. You can send these units to conquer rival civilizations or defend against attacks. Losing military engagements costs you precious points.

Wonders are important one-time builds that confer powerful bonuses. They come in all varieties – from Great Pyramids boosting resources to Darwin’s Voyage advancing your sciences. The key is timing when to build them for maximum impact.

Overall the depth comes from the myriad meaningful card combos and tactical decisions over when to build up scientifically, culturally, economically or militarily. Your strategy will evolve as each epoch unlocks new possibilities. There are always pivotal moments that can make or break your civilization’s greatness.

In summary, Through the Ages is a consummate mobile port of a complex civilization board game. It retains all the strategic richness and replay value while optimizing for intuitive touch controls and presentation on iPhone and iPad. This is a must-have for armchair historians or serious strategy gamers looking for a deep game to sink hours into. Even with a premium price tag, Through the Ages offers tremendous value with almost unlimited gameplay variety.

9.5/10 – outstanding


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